Sunday, January 31, 2016

Operation catch a Cardinal on Camera

Well the kids finally went back to school on Wednesday with a two hour delayed start.  On Friday they finally went back for a full day of school.  They got four snow days out of storm Jonas.

On Thursday I came closer than ever to getting a picture of the beautiful cardinal that frequents the bush outside my kitchen window.  I was so close!! I saw him and ran to get my camera.  He darted into the bush, but I was patient and waited from him to come back out.  He finally came out, but he was sitting on a branch that I couldn't get a good angle from the window.  I went outside but still couldn't get him.  I came back in and waited.  Finally, he sat in the perfect spot.  The green was bright, the snow was a beautiful contrast.  Just as I got him in my viewfinder and was snapping the picture he flew away.  What an ornery bird he is being.  I told Lydia how much I wanted to get his picture and she came up with an idea to trap him so I could take his picture.  It was so cute how she wanted to help.  She told me we needed to buy some things from Amazon to set her trap.  She needed wild bird seed.  Neil went out to the bush and sprinkled some sunflower seeds so he would come back more often.

If I don't get a picture of the cardinal it will be ok.  I am just glad to know I have a team of family members who care about what matters to me and are willing to help make it happen.  I am grateful for this family and how they keep trying and loving each other.

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