Sunday, June 7, 2015

A busy week and month ahead

Just a short post today to catch you up on the busy happenings at our house.  Neil, Matthew, Emma, David and I are off to Martin's Cove for the Stake Youth Trek tomorrow.  We will be walking where the handcart pioneers walked until Thursday.  It should be an adventure.  I am excited to go and share this experience with them.  I only wish our kids would be in our family, but I will watch out for them.
The next week the girls go to EFY at the University of Utah.  It will be Emma's first EFY and Julia's last.  I am still trying to figure out how to get them there. Something will work out.

The week after EFY, Matthew goes to BYU basketball camp.  I hope he will love it.  The rest of us are going to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house until Friday.  The kids will go with Grandpa to do baptisms for the dead at the Oquirrh Mountain temple on Friday.

The next week Emma goes to band camp here in Powell and Cody.

June will be gone after that and we will be into July.  July will be busy with packing and getting ready to move to Virginia for one year.  I am so excited for this family adventure!  I have always wanted to see the East Coast.  We hope to leave the last week of July to make it to Buena Vista by August 3rd so Matthew and Emma can start practice with the high school.

I will post about trek when we get home.  I will also post about the end of the school year activities when I get back.  Sorry no pictures today, but they will be coming soon.  We just bought a new computer and I have had to transfer all the pictures from one computer to the other.  After 4 days of transfering files we are finally done.

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