Sunday, March 22, 2015

Planting time

When it is time to start planting things you know it must be spring break at our house.  Neil had spring break this past week.  He went to his office almost everyday, but I think he still enjoyed his break.  He did find time to start his tomato plants.  It is spring break tradition for as long as we have been in Powell.  Lydia loved being his assistant planter.  It was cute to watch her work with daddy.  She loves to help so much!

 Later that day Lydia told me she wanted to plant a pretzel tree.  I was busy getting dinner ready so I told her to go ahead without really paying attention.  When Matthew checked on what she was up to this is what he found. 

Apparently it takes a whole bag of pretzels to plant a pretzel tree.  She worked hard to dig a little hole in our hard dirt.  She was diligently watering her pretzel tree with her shovel using her cup of water.  I thought it was adorable.  I hope her tree grows great pretzels.  She has also planted an apple tree and a tangelo tree.  We'll see how they do in our Wyoming growing season.  I am glad she likes to grow things like her dad, Grandpa Sharp, and Grandma Karan.

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  1. I love your daughters pretzel tree. A girl after my own heart, and my kids hearts. Sounds like something they would do. Happy Spring!