Friday, March 13, 2015

A rare Saturday with nothing on the schedule and beautiful weather

 We had one of those rare Saturdays with not much on the schedule and beautiful weather last week.  We decided to take full advantage of it and have an outdoor family activity.  We took a picnic lunch to Parkside.  The children had a great time playing and eating on the playground.  It was fun to hear the older kids reminisce about their Parkside days.  When lunch was done we drove out to the Bench for some kite flying, hiking, and shooting. We had a great time together.  We took the walkie talkies and the kids had fun talking to each other.  At first we couldn't get the kites up so we went on a hike instead.  Dallin lead the way and found an old refrigerator down in the valley.  Lydia was sure it wouldn't work very well anymore. About ten years ago we found an old car at the Bench.  I guess this is just where we need to go when we want to replace something.  The children had great fun exploring and wondering about everything they found.  Dallin found a pretty cool peak to climb.  We called it Dallin's Peak.  Once he tried to climb it going the steeper way and couldn't go up or down.  Neil saved him.  On our hike Joshua announced that he lost his second tooth.  Neil helped him find it so he could add it to his tooth collection.  After our hike the wind came up so we tried the kites again.  We got the Angry Bird kite to fly very well.  Matthew and David enjoyed letting the kite go out as far as the string could.  They had fun seeing if they could get it all the way back in without it touching the ground.  They were successful. The princess kite didn't do so well, but Matthew and Lydia had fun trying to fly it.  Bethany and Julia enjoyed just visiting with each other.  It was a wonderful day to have fun together.  Our landscape is still pretty brown, but it was a beautiful spring day.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of our adventure.

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