Sunday, December 14, 2014

Matthew moments

Matthew has had several fun events happenings this month.  He turned 16 on the 9th.  He had a great birthday I hope.  We made a chocolate caramel cake that was absolutely delicious!  He got a new game for his PS4 that he has been wanting. Neil worked hard and made Matthew a nice chessboard.  He was really excited about that.

  He went to the Cross County team awards that night at the bowling alley.  His teammates voted him the most inspirational for the boys team.  I think it was because he goes and works hard every day.  He might complain about a practice at home, but he won't complain there he will just work hard.

Today Matthew was ordained to be a Priest.  He is doing a good job being a good priesthood example for his younger brothers.  He is really learning to help and be a peacemaker in our home.  He watches out for his younger siblings and enjoys playing with them. I am grateful for Matthew and his goodness.

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