Thursday, May 8, 2014

A full Marathon

Parkside has a cool program to encourage the kids to get out and move.  Each week they can run laps around the school grounds at recess on Tuesday and Thursday. It takes 150 laps to equal 25 miles.  The kids who run that much qualify to finish the marathon together at the Middle School track.  They run the last mile at the track. David qualified and the younger children and I went to watch him finish his marathon.  As I watched him run the last mile of his marathon I realized that David hasn't gotten to be in the spotlight very often.  I loved cheering him on! He did a great job encouraging his friend who was running with him.  Only 5 kids in his class qualified for the marathon.  I was so proud of him!  I wished I had the camera there with me, but we had to settle for a picture after at home.  Each of the kids that ran got a medal and a tshirt.  It was a fun afternoon with beautiful weather. Good job, David!! I love you and I loved watching you run!

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