Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy 7th birthday, Dallin!!

Tuesday was Dallin's seventh birthday!! He was so excited to have his birthday.  He played his own Happy birthday song on the piano as we sang to him. He did a very good job.  He wanted a three layer chocolate cake with white frosting in between each layer.  He also wanted it to have Happy birthday Dallin on it.  I think it turned out just how he hoped.  He had some friends over to play in the afternoon. We made cupcakes for them and up Happy Birthday Dallin on them.  He was so excited to let them eat cupcakes.  One of Dallin's presents was a new kite.  Neil was such a good dad yesterday and took him out to fly it.  There are a few pictures of  Dallin, MaryAnne, Joshua, Lydia and David flying the kite.Dallin is such a good little boy.  He loves to have things in order and is very list oriented.  He likes to check things off as he gets them done.  He stays caught up in school because he is so careful and concerned about getting things done.  He is an early riser, and can't stay awake in the evening if we do anything quiet like watch a movie or read together.  He falls asleep on the couch or floor most evenings.  He loves to jump on the trampoline and play with his friends, Adam and Stuart.  I can't believe he is already seven and will be ready to be baptized next year.  He is a joy in our family!! We love you, Dallin!!!

Dallin had an interesting entrance into this world.  We didn't want  a repeat performance of barely making it to the hospital, but I didn't want to be there too long either.  Dallin decided it was time to come in the middle of the night.  We got to the hospital about midnight and Dallin wasn't born until a little after 2:00 in the morning.  He was facing the wrong direction so his labor was different than any of the others.  He is the only one I didn't have back labor with.  The doctor remembered hearing about how fast MaryAnne had come and expected a repeat.  He was tired and wanted to go home and go back to bed.  I don't blame him in the least, after all it was 2:00 on a Sunday morning.  When Dallin finally turned he was born quickly.  Neil had to get all the children ready for church and conduct Sacrament meeting later that morning.  He announced Dallin's arrival and said he had a good excuse if he looked sleepy on the stand that day.  We are so blessed to have Dallin as part of our family.

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