Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

 Ok, a confession to start off the post with.  I am not a good halloween mom.  I don't really like much at all about the whole day, but I try and make it fun for my children.  I guess I do like carving pumpkins.  We had a good time carving the pumpkins we grew in our garden. We didn't get as many as last year, but there was one for each child plus some extras. I finally tried using a template and I thought they turned out really good.  We'll have to remember that for next year.  We carved them on Monday evening for our Family Home Evening activity.  The children picked out the template they wanted earlier in the day and we put the outline on the pumpkins so when carving time came it would be fast and easy.  It always seems like carving pumpkins runs later than I plan, so I was really glad we did the prep work early.  They turned out great!!!   It was a cold and windy night when we finished so I didn't get any good pictures of the pumpkins lit, but they looked spectacular.   Emma, MaryAnne and Dallin love dressing up with their best friends our next door neighbors, Emma, Linda and Adam Andreasen.  This year Emma and Emma were darling M&M's (I thought their costumes turned out very cute) Linda and MaryAnne were PeterPan and Tinkerbell, Adam and Dallin were a dragon and a knight.  Julia wore her cloak and carried her dagger. I told her she was a hobbit.  She ended up staying home and not going with us because she was babysitting Junior.  Matthew thought he was too old to dress up.   Bethany didn't go with us, but she went as a Renaissance maiden to the Young Single Adult ward dance the week before.  Joshua was a dragon and Lydia was Cinderella. Lydia didn't feel very well that night and she was sad that she didn't get to eat any of her candy.  David couldn't decide what to be until the morning of Halloween.  He finally decided to be a s'more. It turned out really easy and cute.  The children and I did downtown trick or treating and then the church trunk or treat.  They came home and did the annual candy trade with each other. It is a tradition they love.  The day turned out busy, and I didn't win any mother of the year points when I didn't let them go into the church and do the carnival. It was more than I wanted to do with hungry, tired kids.  We came home and had dinner instead.  

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