Sunday, June 9, 2013

A few projects we've been working on

We have been busy around here.  A few months ago I really wanted to create a walk in closet area for all the younger children's clothes.  It really mattered to me so Neil helped me make it happen. Thank you so much, Sweetheart!! I love having all the clothes in the same room, now the challenge is make sure they get put away everyday. Here are a few pictures of what we created.

Neil always has a list of projects he wants to work on over the summer.  This year I told him I had been dreaming of having a window seat by our dining room window for my birthday.  I found this picture on the internet and it was what we used to plan.
Here are some pictures from our project. I think it turned out nearly perfect!!  We did the whole project by ourselves. Neil built the shelves, and the cupboard doors himself. We worked together to make the padded cushion. It has been a great project and I have loved having the window seat.  There is almost always someone sitting there reading or just enjoying the soft seat in the sunshine.

I hope MaryAnne can get out again

The inside of one of the cupboard doors. Thanks Neil, I love you too!!

The finished product. I love this bench seat!!
One last project I worked on. I wanted to do a mat for the Living Christ for Neil for our anniversary in April.  Here is the finished project.  I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures of the Savior and deciding where to put them. I like how this turned out.

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