Monday, July 12, 2010

Where did May and June go?

I think I am just a little behind. I don't know where May and June went, but I will try and catch up. Rebecca graduated from seminary on May 17th. When we got to the Stake Center in Cody for graduation Neil and I were surprised to see her name on the program as a speaker. I asked her if she knew she was speaking and if she was prepared. She had kept it as a surprise. She did a very nice job talking about her seminary experience.

Rebecca and Bethany went to EFY at BYU June 7-12. They had lots of fun. I don't think they ever really learned the campus and they would probably still get lost today if they were there. We also went to the Sharp reunion in Provo. It was lots of fun to see everyone. The rain held off until the very end, but then we got drenched!

I had my birthday on June 23rd and got a really nice, fun camera. There will be pictures coming. We left on the 24th to start our vacation, that will be another post and there will be pictures I promise.

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  1. Good to hear about your family again. I'd love to see the photos when you get around to it!