Saturday, July 23, 2016

Julia is at the MTC

Julia flew out on Tuesday morning July 19th to enter the MTC on Wednesday.  It was hard to say goodbye and it was emotional for all of us.  Julia and I were both sad that the baby hadn't come yet when she had to leave.  I am just trusting in the Lord's timing for our family.  It might have been even harder if she had to leave the baby. She called when she got to my parents and said she was feeling better about going and doing all right.   My parents sent me a picture from when they dropped her off at the MTC.

We got our first email from Julia on Friday when she had her first p-day.  She said she loves her companion and they have a blast together.  It really did my heart good to hear that.  I had been praying that she would get off to a good start with her companion.  She also said that she saw (Emily) Sister Clark at dinner on Thursday night.  She and Emily have one week over lap while they are both there.  I had been praying that they would see each other because I knew that Julia really wanted to.  Heavenly Father does answer prayers.  Julia will do a great job as a missionary.  We will miss her everyday, but I wouldn't want her to be anywhere else right now.

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