Sunday, July 12, 2015

A baseball catch up

Our month of June was totally spent at the baseball park.  Dallin played on the Cubs and played on Tuesday and Thursday.  Joshua was on the Mariners team and played on Monday and Wednesday.  We had the option to let the boys play on the same team, but we felt like Joshua would be so much smaller than the other players.  Looking back on it, we should have had them play on the same team.

Joshua did really well for being the first time he played tee ball.  By the end of the season they were doing coach pitch and he was hitting really well.  His coach asked me if he practiced hitting all day.  He really liked to tell me that he was the best batter on his team.

Dallin was a great player on his team.  He never struck out the whole season.  He helped his team get a double play.  Most importantly, he had a great time and was a great team player.  He had a couple of games in the rain, but the game went on.

I am glad to have our evenings back and be able to sit down and eat dinner without working around baseball games.  I love to watch the boys play, but I am glad Powell's baseball season only lasts a month.

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