Sunday, August 24, 2014


Lately Lydia has been having a hard time when neighbors come to play.  She and Micah are about the same age and have been good friends.  Lately, Micah and Joshua have been playing together and Lydia has felt left out. She tells me she needs a little girl to play with.  There aren't any little girls in our neighborhood so it has been a challenge to meet her needs.  She tells me that big girls and moms are too busy to be fun for a little girl.  Yesterday was one of those days when she needed something fun to distract her from being left out.  She loves to look at our cupcake book so I decided to help her make cupcakes.  She wanted to  make apple cupcakes.  We had a great time together making them.  Lydia put in all the ingredients.  I think they turned out cute and they kept Lydia happy for most of the day.  She loved sharing her apples and letting the children have an apple for dessert.

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