Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boys and Water what a combination

A few weeks ago it was finally warm enough for the children to play in the sprinklers.  They had been wanting to for awhile and they were thrilled.  MaryAnne was sad because she had Activity Days and didn't get to play in the water.  I let her the next day though so hopefully she forgave me for the timing and her having to miss.  The boys had  a great time together.  Lydia got in at the end and had a good time with the boys.  I love the part in the video when it looks like whichever boy has the hose has the power.  I love how Matthew keeps Kodi off the tramp and away from the children playing.  I think the whole video is fun and I love seeing the children playing together and Matthew playing right along.  I am glad that boys will be boys and don't grow up too fast.  I love summer togetherness!

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