Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am so blessed

I don't take the time often enough to sing the praises of my wonderful husband...but today I am making sure I do. 

He is such a great dad!! The other day he was reading a Dr. Seuss book for a bedtime story. I loved how all the children gathered around to enjoy the time with dad. I actually videoed part of the story being read but I don't think Neil would want me to post it.

Today Neil took his Saturday and worked on a project I have been wanting to do.  Thank you so much!!!  We turned one wall of MaryAnne's room into an area for clothes for the five youngest children.  It turned out great!!  I am so excited to be able to hang their clothes instead of having them shoved into drawers or baskets.  Thank you, Neil!! I appreciate your talents and efforts to help me have my dream area.  You are the best!!!

Neil, I love you and am grateful for you everyday!!!  Thanks for being my eternal sweetheart!!  Love, Sarah

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