Monday, May 14, 2012

LDS Prom April 2012

Bethany had a wonderful time at the LDS Prom in April. We are so grateful that she was able to go with a young man who is a perfect gentleman. Zander is truly a gentleman all the time. He opens the car door for Bethany and Julia each morning at Seminary. He and a friend brought all the girls in their seminary class roses and chocolates for Valentine's day. He really watched out for Bethany at Prom and made her feel special.  The Stake paid for dinner for all the Laurels and Priests at The Terrace in Cody. The young women and young men leaders were chauffeurs to take the couples over to Cody. Each leader took two couples to and from Cody, and to the dance at the Mural Chapel.  The theme of the night was Princes and Princesses. The gym was decorated with castles. 

Bethany had a lot of fun looking for the perfect dress. She started looking last summer and finally found the one she ordered in December.  She bought jewelry with some of her Christmas money. We thought the dress would be Navy blue when we ordered, but it was more of a royal blue. It was the same color of my prom dress and Rebecca's prom dress. Julia says there is no way she is buying a blue dress next year when she goes to prom. I think that Bethany looked beautiful in her modest dress. We had a lot of fun looking at hairstyles for Bethany's long hair.  I think it looked beautiful all curly.  Emma and MaryAnne also had fun wearing their hair in curls. I'll have to post pictures of their hair also. 

I didn't get a lot of pictures of Zander and Bethany before they went to prom. It seemed kind of hectic here when Zander came to pick up Bethany.  All the little children wanted to say hi to him, and even a few of his siblings were over. I didn't take the time to take the inside pictures where there was good lighting, but the ones outside turned out really good.

We are glad they had a good time, and that the Stake provided the opportunity for the girls to be Princesses for a night.

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