Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look who can ride a bike...

MaryAnne has been wanting us to teach her how to ride a bike ever since school got out. For one reason or another it just hadn't happened. Finally she got her wish and Neil took her to an empty parking lot at the college to let her try. She was a natural and just took off. He didn't have to hold on and run with her for more than a minute. This video was taken on her first day of riding. She was even going off a small jump on the first day. She loves to ride her bike and wants to do it all the time. She must come by her ability from someone besides me. I didn't even learn to ride a bike until I was about eight. I am sure my parents still remember my bad bike crash. Neil had two bikes when we got married after I rode one he only had one. I have learned to ride and enjoy it since I married a bike rider. By the way, Neil is trying to ride 1,000 miles this month and get 8,000 miles for the year. He must like his bike as much as MaryAnne likes hers. Personally, i think those seats are too uncomfortable for that many miles.

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