Thursday, October 21, 2010

Turning 10 on 10-20, 2010

Emma was so excited about her birthday this year. She had a countdown chain for the whole month and faithfully cut a link off each day. Neil thought it was really cool that she was turning 10 on 10-20-2010. That doesn't happen every year. She picked a butterfly cake. I think it turned out pretty good, at least for my cake decorating skills. She was happy with it anyway. She wanted lasagna and rolls for dinner. We had Martha out to our house for dinner and cake. It was a fun evening. Neil and the girls had Young Women's activities so we had Emma, Romney and Linda over for cake in the evening. Emma was so excited to get some more Let Pet Shop things. She sure enjoys playing with those right now.

Emma, you are such a special young lady. Thank you for sharing your bright smile and fun personality with us. You keep us hopping with your enthusiasm and spirit. We love you and are grateful for your presence in our family. Hope you have a wonderful year. Love, Mom and Dad

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