Thursday, August 26, 2010

11 babies unexpectedly

Life has been so busy lately!! We have been switching computers and I can't get to my pictures to update my blog. Soon I hope to update with pictures.

Matthew is working on his reptile study merit badge. He started out with a lizard that made it as far as Nauvoo on our trip. The lizard got left outside one night and a visitor in the night either had him for dinner or set him free. Now he has two snakes that he has to keep for a month. Last week one of the snakes unexpectedly (at least for us) had 11 babies. You should have seen the aquarium we are keeping them in just crawling with snakes!! It was pretty interesting. I was going to post a picture, but Matthew let the babies go out in the garden while I was gone to Nebraska. I only hope the garden is far enough from the house that they won't try and make their way back inside.

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  1. talk about your misleading titles!! i thought this meant you were having twins.....#10 and 11!