Monday, April 19, 2010

Endocrinology results

Well we finally heard back from the Endocrinologist about Joshua's blood tests. The result is we still don't know much of anything. He was low in one growth factor but everything else is in the normal range. The doctor wants to watch him for four months and see if he can grow on his own. If that doesn't work we will take him in for a sedated MRI to check out his pituitary gland. An MRI will be required before starting him on growth hormones. We'll just wait and see and continue to pray for and enjoy this little guy. In a lot of ways it is ok with me that he is still little, I just don't want him to be little his whole life.

On a positive note, Joshua has started taking just a few steps here and there. He is pretty pleased with himself when he does it. I think he likes to show off more than most of our other children did at this age. He sure is cute to watch. Whenever I get the camera out though he quits walking and comes over to see the camera. Here's a video of him walking. All the other children sure love to try and get him to come to them.

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