Monday, March 22, 2010

We are finished (at least enough to move in)with our new family room

About six months ago Neil and I were talking about needing a family room so we had a place where everyone could sit down together and enjoy time. Neil teasingly mentioned that the garage had a lot of space. His comment really got me thinking and I thought it was a great idea. We talked some more, drew up plans for a family room and storage room, and kept thinking about it. We decided it was a good idea and got started in October 2009. Neil has put in lots of evenings working on the project. He has learned new skills. We have had dust and noise in the house. We have enjoyed working on the project together, and now we will all enjoy our new family room. Picking out paint was interesting. We ended up creating our own color for the trim and doors. Now I really do like the paint color. Thank you, Neil for all your hard work!! It looks beautiful!! We had carpet laid on Friday and enjoyed a movie together on Sunday. We hung pictures today and now it looks like our dream family room.

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