Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She did it!!

Congratulations Rebecca!! Neil and I are so pleased with Rebecca and all her hard work in school. She had her doubts about getting accepted into BYU, but she did it!! She also had her doubts about a good scholarship, but she did that also!! On Monday she received her scholarship letter from Chadron State and it is pretty close to a full ride scholarship. She is still waiting to hear from BYU about scholarships before she makes her final decision. What a grand adventure the next few years will be for her. Just so you know Rebecca, we are both so well pleased with your accomplishments!! You are a wonderful daughter!!! We love you!! Mom and Dad

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  1. Yay for Rebecca! She is at an exciting time in life with lots of decisions to make. I'll be looking to see where she decides to go! Let me know when you are coming to Salt Lake for Joshua's appointment. We'd love to see you!